Wala Meron S128

Wala Meron S128 game which has become a hobby for the community which is already rife in the territory of Indonesia, and the name Wala Meron itself by the Filipinos for cockfighting matches, the name Wala Meron was indeed created to distinguish 2 different chickens during cockfighting matches, Meron’s name is interpreted as the defending champion chicken that has the most pairs, while Wala himself is a chicken from the challenger and of course there are very few fans to install it, so for those of you who play cockfighting later you will see Wala and Meron’s appearance in the in-game display later.

Where on the display for Meron will be seen in the left position and while Wala will be visible on the right position of your cellphone or computer screen, and not only that, the display of the chicken image is also given in such a way or similar to the chicken that will compete, to see it better Game Casino Online Indonesia. you clearly see and confirm Meron and Wala chickens live on the video before placing your bet.

Of course, Wala Meron S128 is now a very popular game because playing this game can already be played on your favorite android smartphone, for both types of chickens, a sharp knife will be attached to the spur which is useful for attacking the opponent to death. champion, the blades that are paired also vary, some are one-pointed and two-edged.

Usually this Wala Meron game is played on land and a lot of people will look to place bets, in the arena of course everyone can open their own market but if we play online the market will be available on its own and members just choose to place a chicken bet, just click Wala and meron according to your felling later, of course, to play online it is very easy for members to understand and there is no need to go to the arena to place a bet.

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Wala Meron S128 Online Betting

Not only Wala Meron’s choice in cockfighting bets, there is also a BDD option which means a draw before the match is declared over and you can also see for FTD the rules are slightly different and will be declared valid if the two competing cocks are not determined by the time the winner within 10 minutes, in other words, within 10 minutes, if the match is finished and no winner chooses Wala Dan Meron will be considered a loser of course the funds will not be returned.

For much more details for the installation, it can be seen from the red and blue colors, Meron is identical to red while Meron is identical to blue, of course from the Wala Meron camp both have their own level or way of fighting.

For beginners, it may be very difficult to determine the Wala Meron bet, you can directly contact the operator on the livechat to ask for directions so that you can make bets, of course, to play later you are required to have an account Wala Meron S128 by filling out the form already provided and also provides local banks, of course, such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Danamon, Permata and Cimb Niaga banks, to play on smartphones later you can also download the Wala Meron S128 application from the link that will be provided for you.

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