Strategies, Tips and Tricks on How to Always Win Online Football Betting Bets

Strategies, Tips and Tricks on How to Always Win Online Football Betting Bets

In this game we not only need skill or luck to guess the score, but we also need to have the knowledge to win at soccer betting on a collection of trusted soccer betting sites. How to get a win or so you can always win soccer gambling on the web. Check out the tips below, who knows you can win with this.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks on How to Always Win Online Football Betting Bets

The most accurate place for betting on online gambling is on the OU Odds (Over / Under Total Goals) bet

Because we can get goals from both sides of Club Home or Club Away. From the monitoring there is most of the goals occurred in the minutes “1-10” and “25-45” in half 1 and half 2, goals mostly in the “45-60” and “75-90”.

Believe in the First Decision and Avoid EGO.

Actually this is back to us, what are we betting for ??? Winning or just support, if the reason for support means losing, play daftar judi bola online on words, no problem. But if you are looking for victory, we better forget for a moment about “favorite”. Because making decisions based on the reason we “like” is a decision taken from one eye, underestimating the opponent.

Examples are heat or refuse to accept defeat. So that this person will continue to bet his money even though the “winds of luck” are not on his side. He thinks he is a loser if he doesn’t come forward to compete. Remember cry, good emotions can bring down the proud because they come from common sense. So avoid egoism, and use your common sense !.

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Approaching Luck

“We lost the bet not only because we were unlucky, maybe our opponents were lucky. And we win bets not only because we are the lucky ones, maybe our opponents are unlucky .. “

To see whether we are lucky or not, we can start from small bets first, if in 5 matches 3 times lose, we better keep only small bets first .. Just bet big if in 5 times the bet we are reach 3 to 5 consecutive wins.


Remain by and monitor the target that we will install and if the target has occurred in the first half before we install it then move the target after the first half ends. and if you lose in the first half, you can double the bet to reverse the situation. If the results on the betting pair on that day are less or lose, don’t be chased, remember the previous tips.

Predict and See Last Week’s Defeat.

Because in a football match what is being chased is points. If a team loses automatically that team will lose points and must be chased in the next match. And don’t rely on certain teams. For example, between Real Madrid versus Real Betis matches. Real Madrid impair markets usually give 2.5 balls negligible voor but suddenly only 0.25 or 0.5 voor. Now this is strange, so you have to watch out for it. If you are not sure it is better to forget about this match or please choose the next match.

If the voor looks awkward, usually the football dealer knows something we may not know. What is known by the football dealer is certain to know more about some important information. Then the players are injured, only the reserve team is deployed, the team is trying out new attack tactics or in preparation for a more prestigious match.

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