IDNPlay Deposit Credit 10000

IDNPlay Deposit 10000 Credit without big discounts through Telkomsel, Tri, and XL providers. Now it is available at one of the best and most trusted idnplay agents in Indonesia, namely FortuneBet99.

FortuneBet99 provides real money online poker gambling games with this credit deposit, to make it easier for bettor friends who want to make deposit transactions when the bank is in trouble or offline.

You can only do this IDNPlay 10 thousand credit deposit if you already have an official login user id registered on our site. But if you don’t have it yet, please register for an idnplay account via the list form that we have provided below.

In less than 5 minutes, you will receive a new message containing the user id and account password data sent by our CS FortuneBet99 on duty.

IDNPlay Credit Deposit Guide

For bettor friends who already have an official FortuneBet99 credit idnplay user id. But still confused about the stages of depositing 10 thousand credits without this deduction , please follow the deposit guide below.

10000 Credit Poker Deposit Terms and Conditions

Minimum deposit poker idn pulse 10 thousand.
Minimum withdraw 50 thousand.
Transfer credit to the number that has been provided.
Willing to follow the discount rules according to the applicable rate.
Send proof of credit transfer in the form of phone number / transaction code.

Please contact our FortuneBet99 CS on duty, to ask for the latest deposit destination number according to the provider you want to use.

How to Deposit Via Telkomsel

✅ Via Dial Call *858# Telkomsel

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Open the Call menu (Call)
Press *858*Destination Number* Transfer Nominal*
Example: *858*081278901234*10000#
Please press Call/Call or OK/YES

✅ Via SMS Tpulsa Telkomsel

Open the SMS menu (Messages)
Type the SMS format such as, Tpulsa (SPASI) Nominal Transfer
Example: Tpulsa 10000
Send the SMS format to the transfer destination number

How to Deposit Via XL

✅ Via Dial Call *123# XL

Open the Call menu
Press *123#, Call/OK
Select the Pulse menu, Call/OK
Select the Share Credit menu, Call/OK
Enter the transfer destination number, Call/OK
Enter the transfer amount, Call/OK

✅ Via SMS for XL

Open the Messages menu (SMS)
Type the message format, Share (SPASI) Transfer Number (SPASI) Nominal Transfer
Example: Share 087778901234 10000
Send the message format to number 168

How to Deposit Via Tri

✅ Via Dial Call *323# Tri

Open the Call menu (Call)
Press *323#, Call/OK
Select the KIKIPU menu, Call/OK
Enter the transfer destination number, Call/OK
Enter the transfer amount, Call/OK

✅ Via SMS TRF Tri

Open the SMS menu (Messages)
Type the SMS format, TRF (SPASI) Nominal Transfer (SPASI) Destination Number
Example: TRF 10000 089978901234
Send the SMS format to number 123

If you have successfully completed the transaction process daftar idnplay poker99, don’t forget to confirm your return to our FortuneBet99 customer service by sending a format like the following.

DP (Deposit) / TP*** (User ID) / Telkomsel (Provider Name) / 08*** (Mobile Number) / 10000 (Nominal Transfer)

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