How to Play OG Live Casino, the World’s Best and Biggest Game Platform

How to Play OG Live Casino, the World's Best and Biggest Game Platform

OG stands for Oriental Game. OG Casino has features that can be said to be “unique” compared to most other online casino gambling games. OG Casino combines the features of og casino list games plus casino gambling with Asian and European nuances. With many of the most complete and fantastic supporting features. A player will not run into many problems to get the biggest win. The minimum bet requirement for OG Casino is the most economical. So that later daftar casino sexy gaming players will not be constrained by capital problems when they want to try to pursue big profits here.

Founded in 2017 and pocketing the official PAGCOR license, it is proof of the quality of Oriental Game’s trusted gambling slots as a trusted online live casino gambling service provider. Surely OG Casino will always be able to fulfill all the wishes of the players. Well, for those of you who don’t have much experience. The following is a complete guide to playing Oriental Game casino gambling that must be learned!

Basic Guide to Playing OG Live Casino

On the OG Casino Live Online page, you can see the virtual balance on the right side of the ID (account) with the words IDR. 0. Then there are some important menus that you should know about each function.

Settings: In this menu, you can set Language, Video and Voice. For language choices, there are English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and of course Indonesian. Meanwhile, there are videos: North China, South China, East China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The last is sound settings, where a player can “open mic” here. Making it easier for you to carry out direct communication. You can also adjust the background music and also the volume.

  • Report: You can request a report by setting a start – end date. In this menu, there are win / lose and rolling counts.
  • Note: Is a history of your activity history. There are columns: ID, Date, Table, Game, Shoe ID, Bet Area, Result, Bet Amount, Win Lose, Remaining, Country and Studio. You can also adjust the history display as you wish.
  • Full Screen: A feature to make the OG Casino Live Online game display Full Screen.
  • Exit Game: This feature is for “Log Out” or when you as a player want to end the game.
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In OG Casino OleGaming777, there are 3 main menus that you can enjoy later. First is CLASSIC. In this menu, you will get the most realistic casino classic bookie sensation. Of course this will make you feel nostalgic. There are several game options offered. Among others are Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Fan Tan and Roulette.

To enter, please click the game box as desired. Then you will be brought into the most realistic casino room. You can see a beautiful dealer who guides the game directly. For the bet placing process, click on the chip image that has been provided. There are 5 choices of multiples of betting chips, namely: 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000. You can also see the total bet on the lower right side. If agreed, click “confirm” to place the bet. If not, you can select the “Delete” button. And you can immediately place a bet with the same amount as the “repeat bet” feature.

After clicking the button, you just need to select the betting market provided on the virtual table that is already provided. Bet results can be seen from the lit table. When you win, you will also receive a payout according to the multiplication of the payout from each market that has been installed.

The second main menu of OG Live Casino is MEGAL. So here, you can enjoy the most magnificent online casino gambling game. Starting from the game types of baccarat, dragon tiger and roulette. Even interestingly, here you can place a lot of bets directly by selecting “Multi”. When clicking the “Multi” menu there are 2 choices, namely 3 baccarat tables and 6 baccarat tables. This means that you can see 3 tables or 6 tables of baccarat directly as you wish.

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Here, you can also see the table’s minimum bet. In detail, 1 virtual balance means IDR. 1,000. So if the minimum bet is written as 20, it means IDR. 20,000. And the maximum bet [bet] 200,000 means IDR. 200,000,000. For the Baccarat pair itself, there are several market choices such as PLAYER (1: 1), BANKER (1: 0.95), PLAYER PAIR (1:11), SERI (1: 8) and PAIR BANKER (1:11). Meanwhile, for DRAGON TIGER, you can choose DRAGON (1: 1), SERIES (1: 8) and TIGER (1: 1). Bet results can be easily seen from the virtual betting table that is lit. The virtual balance will immediately increase according to the multiplication of the winning bet offered.

One of the advantages of OG Casino Live Online is that the “TIPS” menu is available. So in this Tips menu, there are 8 GOOD TIPS that you can later use as a reference in the analysis and prediction process. Naturally, if an OG Live Online Casino player has the highest winrate when compared to playing elsewhere.

Meanwhile, for LIVE here, you can choose to host an online casino gambling game. Then please enter the game that is being delivered. The betting process is the same as before. Namely choosing the market and entering the number of chips you want then “Confirm”.

In this OG Casino Live Online game, you can also immediately see the complete history table for each game round. The complete history record here serves to make it easier for you to make analysis and prediction of the results in the next round. For example in the game Baccarat. Histoy P = Player, B = Banker and T = TIE.

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These are the rules and guidelines for playing OG Casino Live Online gambling that you should know first when playing. So that later you are not wrong and encounter many problems while playing. Big profits are even easier to get when you play online live casino games at Oriental Gaming.


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