How to Play Handicap Other Designations Street ball betting

How To Play Handicap Other Designations Stree ball betting

In this discussion, we will discuss how to play the handicap, another term for street soccer betting for beginner or professional players, with this article we hope that players can find online soccer betting properly and correctly and win bets in the future.

Handicap gambling is played by giving a match or receiving a mix from a match in the middle of a match, of course this type is in great demand while watching his favorite team compete in a soccer championship.

With the excitement of watching a football match with friends or family, bets are made between friends and family. Even people are not known because they have different team preferences.

But we need to suggest that you be careful when making these bets, because they may not pay off or the payout is not appropriate. Surely that will make you annoyed and will not rule out a big loss.

Then we are here to provide the best solution for soccer gambling lovers, with technology now getting more sophisticated, handicap soccer gambling can be accessed online to make bets with official bookies.

Together with the official and trusted online soccer gambling agent in Asia called the Sbobet agent, it is enough to do a short registration to become a member and then pair the online soccer bet. You can use online devices such as computers or smartphones, Android and IOS, of course, are supported by the internet network.

So from the very much interest by soccer gambling bettors, we will provide clear information on how to play handicaps for all of you to want to win big wins.

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An explanation of how to play online ball handicap

In learning how to play daftar cmd368 there are a number of things you must know and understand first, from pur-puran to several terms as follows:

  • HT (Half Time) is a type of handicap bet played in the first half or using a time of 1 x 45 minutes, also known as the first half.
  • FT (Full Time), which is a type of online soccer betting pairing all rounds in full means the time is 2 x 45 minutes and is said to be a full round.
  • H (Home) is also called the home team and will usually be located on the left or top.
  • A (Away) is also called the away team and then it is usually placed on the right or bottom.

5. Odds = Odds is another term as the winning value obtained by the player when pairing one of the online soccer gambling matches, but for the odds itself it has 2 main types, namely between plus and minus odds, here is the explanation:

How to Play Handicap Odds Minus

At minus odds, a market of a match is usually located in the superior team, if you make an exact bet at minus odds you will be subject to tax money or also known as red kei.

Odds Plus

Odds plus adalah kebalikan dari odds minus tidak akan terkena uang pajak, namun odds plus ini akan sering terlihat dari tim lawan dari yang diunggulkan serta biasanya berwarna hitam.

Setelah paham dari dasar cara bermain handicap, pada artikel ini kami akan membahas juga beberapa puran wajib pemain ketahui agar kedepannya tidak merasa bingung lagi.

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Jenis Puran Judi Bola Online Beserta Penjelasan Lengkap

  1. Puran 0 = Maka tidak ada terjadi pur-puran antara kedua tim atau disebut juga sebagai lek-lekan.
  2. Puran 0-0.5 = Disebut juga sebagai puran 1/4, apabila pemain ingin menang maka harus selisih 1 gol dari tim menerima puran.
  3. Puran 0.5 = Disebut juga sebagai puran 1/2.
  4. Poin 0.5-1 = vooran ini juga diartikan sebagai menerima dan memberikan poin 3/4.
  5. Poin 1 = Berarti tim memberikan puran 1 kepada tim lawannya.

Selain itu kami juga akan memberikan contoh perhitungan hadiah didapatkan dalam cara bermain handicap, berikut dibawah ini adalah ulasannya secara lengkap :

‚ÄčApabila memasangkan 100.000 untuk odds @3.20 memberikan poin kepada lawan 1/4.

Lalu hasil pertandingan tersebut antara Barcelona vs Juventus adalah 1 – 0, maka akan menang. Jadi hadiah pembayarannya adalah 100.000 x 3.20 = 320.000 belum berikut modal.

Bila pemasangan taruhan yaitu 200.000 untuk odds @4.20 lalu memberikan poin 1 untuk tim lawan.

Lalu hasil akhir pertandingan dari Real Madrid 2 – 0 AC Milan, jadi pasti menang. Kemenangannya diraih pemain sebesar 200.000 x 4.20 = 840.000 termasuk modal awal.

This is the explanation from us in this article about how to play the handicap, another term for street soccer betting, we hope it can be useful for players to pair soccer gambling to achieve huge wins. Thank you.


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