Guide on how to play Handicap Streetball on SBOBET

Guide on how to play Handicap Streetball on SBOBET

Guide to How to Play Handicap Streetball on SBOBET – Betting markets like Handicap do sometimes make players confused, especially for players who are still ordinary. Understanding this market will not be difficult if you already understand the Vooran system. You can master it in the articles that the admin has discussed.

Reading this article will give you a complete explanation so that you can play the Asian Handicap betting market in dead ball matches (matches that have not yet competed). After mastering this stage, you can start the Asian Handicap bet for SBOBET Street Betting where you will bet on the ongoing match. Considering that there are still many players who do not understand the rules of road ball for betting types such as Asian Handicap, the Admin will discuss them in this post. Let’s just look at the discussion as follows.

Of course, the first thing to do is to log in to SBOBET from Bandar Dunia ( In order to be able to take part in bets and log in, you must have what you can get by contacting our customer service who is always ready to serve 24 hours a day.

How to Play Asian Handicap Streetball

In accordance with the image above, to place a Handicap Street Soccer bet, you can start by selecting the Football (Soccer) menu, then selecting Live and the betting column will be displayed from the ongoing match.

Note: Early Market is betting on markets that have not yet competed in a soccer match

Installation of the SBOBET Online Street Betting

Actually playing situs judi bola is quite complicated if you place a bet on the positive score of one of the winning teams or there are already goals between the two parties. The problem is that most players experience confusion in determining the results, resulting in wrong pairs that lead to losses. Some say that he (the player) should win because he was superior from the start. However, this assumption is clearly wrong because the calculation of the Asian Handicap for Roadball is not like that.

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Therefore, World Bandar as one of the Best Online Gambling Agents will provide a little explanation for those of you who like to play street soccer betting, especially for markets such as the Asian Handicap, considering that many players still don’t know the rules.

How to Play Asian Handicap Streetball

Based on the image above, you will install a match that takes place between Spain U21 vs FYR Macedonia U21 where the score that has been created is 3–0. You can see that the available vooran is only 3/4, 1 and 1 1/4. For those of you who still don’t understand roadball, of course, you will choose Spain U21, which is already superior with a score of 3.

And if this happens and the final score remains 3–0, then you will be confused at the statement, your bet status loses. Why? Because your position is holding Spain U21 which gives a minimum ball score of 3/4, but Spain U21 no longer scores.

So how do you win? At least Spain U21 must score 1 or more goals. For example, the score ends with 4–0, 5–1, and so on.

The following is an example that might make it easier for you to understand

  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 3–0, it will be considered 0–0
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 3–1, it will be considered 0–1
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 3–2, it is considered 0–2
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 4–0, it is considered 1–0
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 4–1, it is considered 1–1
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 4–2, it is considered 1–2
  • Taking on a 3–0 position, if the score ends in 5–0, it is considered 2–0
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So based on the example above, it can be concluded that no matter the score position you will take, the Asian Handicap score calculation will still be calculated from 0–0.

For how to place bets, you don’t need to bother, because the method is the same as placing bets on other markets such as Asian Handicap Non-Live, Over-Under, Odd / Even and others. Where only by clicking on the Odds on the betting market you want to play, a bet column will appear and you only need to enter the number of bets placed and send it.

Admin thinks it is enough to stop here the discussion in this article. Hopefully this can be useful and thank you for taking the time to read the SBOBET Street Soccer Gambling Guide.

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