Cara Main Tembak Ikan Online Biar Mudah Dapat Jackpot Besar

Cara Main Tembak Ikan Online Biar Mudah Dapat Jackpot Besar

The guide to playing shooting fish is very easy, where players must catch or, more precisely, shoot fish that have certain points on the game table.

However, that does not mean that each shot can easily catch the existing fish, because this fish shooting game is also one type of game that really requires high luck.

In this fish shooting game also has several weapons such as the following:

1.Normal Shooting

This is a normal type of weapon in this fish shooting game, usually used to catch small fish and but if there is a high chance, you can also get big fish through this normal weapon.

2.Acclerate Shooting

This type of weapon is capable of catching big fish in a fish shooting game, but to be able to get this accelerate shooting weapon also really requires bigger points.

3.Aim For Target

Aim for target is a bonus weapon that you cannot keep getting, so when you have the opportunity to get this type of weapon, try to use it as well as possible.

In addition, the new Joker promo gambling game game also has 3 button functions that you need to know, such as:

Info button
This button functions so that you can see the results of what fish have been caught, and this button also has various information such as a guide to playing fish shooting online.

Auto button
If you select this auto button, the selected weapon will shoot the fish automatically without being controlled, for this button we really don’t recommend trying it because it can use up playing chips quickly.

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Minus (-) and Plus (+) buttons
The function of this button is to reduce (-) or increase (+) the strength of the bullets, of course, if you play on Joker123, the amount and number of bullets that can be obtained depends on the value of your deposit.

Those are some situs judi slot online terbaik of the functions of the buttons in this fish shooting game, besides that in this fish shooting game it also has 3 special crabs that can also help you get big benefits such as:

Crab Bomb
This type of crab is very special because if you catch it, the bomb crab will detonate itself and can cause damage to the fish around it.

Laser Crab
As the name implies, if you catch it, this crab will turn into a laser bullet and can be used with a predetermined time limit.

Drill Crab
This type of crab is able to drill the fish that was hit, after a few seconds the fish that was hit by the drill will explode and the effect of the damage will affect the fish around it.

For this fish shooting game or fish hunter, each fish has a multiplication of the odds every time you catch it as follows:

Type of Fry Fish (Odds X 2)
Types of Nemo Fish (Odds X 3)
Sword Fish Type (Odds X 4)
Ballon Fish Type (Odds X 5)
Type of Fairy Fish (Odds X 6)
Tropical Fish Type (Odds X 7)
Lopster Type (Odds X 8)
Marlin Type (Odds X 9)
Octopus Type (Odds X 10)
Lantern Type (Odds X 12)
Turtle Type (Odds X 15)
Type of Convex Eye (Odds X 18)
Type of Batfish (Odds X 20)
Clown Type (Odds X 10 – 30)
Types of Big Fairy (Odds X 10 – 30)
Big Ballon Type (Odds X 10 – 30)
Shark Fish Type (Odds X 20 – 50)
Dolphin Type (Odds X 30 – 100)
Golden Shark Type (Odds X 100)
Golden Dragon (Odds X 100 -500)
Crocodile (Odds X 100 – 500)
King Crab (Odds X 100 – 500)
The calculation is:

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If you have a coin value of 50 and managed to catch the Fry fish (Odds X 2), then the calculation is: 50 x 2 = 100 Credit (Rp. 1,000).
If you have a coin value of 100 and catch Nemo fish (Odds X 3), then the calculation is: 100 x 3 = 300 Credit (Rp. 3,000).
Before starting to play, first understand all the explanations for how to play fish shooting online that we have provided above, on this great opportunity we will also provide some powerful playing tips so that you can get big benefits from this game.

Tips to Win Playing the Most Powerful Fish Hunter Game

The following below are some tips for playing real money online fish shooting games that you can try while playing, including:

Make sure before starting to play plan well in advance, how much is the value of playing capital and also the amount of the target victory you want to get in this fish shooting game.
Don’t push yourself too hard to get big fish right away because that is not possible unless you have high luck, it’s better to try to catch small fish first.
Play patiently and enjoy the running of the game that is in progress, if you are in a hurry to shoot, of course, it will only make up your playing capital or chips.
It’s good to know when to stop playing.

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