Bandar S128

Bandar S128 is a trusted online cockfighting gambling site with a large market and match schedule. S128 is very busy being played by cockfighting hobbyists. You no longer need to worry and worry while watching cockfighting. because now you can access it from anywhere at any time. With the ease of internet access in today’s advanced era. More and more traditional cockfighting players are turning to Bandar s128 online cockfighting.

This type of bet or game is already available at trusted s128 dealers in Indonesia or can also be referred to as live cock fighting games. This cockfighting game is broadcast by streaming or online a rooster fight from a server that will be in the arena. members from Indonesia participated in the success of S128 as a trusted cockfighting gambling link. This can all happen because of the very complete services and facilities of the s128 city.

The chickens that will be competed later all come from local residents Daftar Judi Bola. Where the owner of the chicken will be given a prize in the form of money if it manages to come out as a winner. Currently in the world of this cockfighting game, it can be played through the Bandar S128 website and can easily be accessed via a computer or smartphone, which can later be installed via the alternative link that we provide.

Some of the terms contained in the city of S128

  • Meron – meron which means red or in the game of cockfighting is called Banker.
  • Wala – which means blue and is referred to as a player in the cockfighting online gambling game.
  • Bdd or both dead draw – the match is considered a tie or bdd, if both chickens die. Bets on Meron and Wala will be refunded, but FTD bets will be counted as losing.
  • FTD or full time draw – if both chickens are alive and the match has been running for 10 minutes. Bets on meron, wala and bdd are counted as losses.
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City Service S128

  • S128 has a safe way of placing bets, so that if the internet fails, the credit installation is not installed immediately because it has a confirmation and cancellation option.
  • S128 can be accessed via computers and smartphones so that it can be watched anytime.
  • The S128 has a wide market unlike mainland cockfighting.
  • Match results can be watched again via video storage on the S128 application.

We also provide quality games and maximum service for all new members as well as our old loyal members. Apart from that, we also provide and provide attractive bonus promos that all players can participate in. With a minimum capital of only 50 thousand, you can already place bets on online cockfighting at the s128 city.

To register you only need to fill out the registration form provided. Make sure the data you fill in is correct so that the ID creation process can run smoothly. Creating a cockfighting account in just under 10 minutes. If it is more than 10 minutes you can contact Bandar S128 Customer Service on duty via live chat, whatsapp, line or BBM owned by Bandar S128 .

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